Capturing those everyday moments and places that you just can’t get enough of.
These are the moments I love creating with you and capturing.

15 years together, and oh the adventures they’ve been on. Multiple moves, many trips, first son, and always having each others backs. -Telluride, CO

Capturing their everyday moments, hanging out at the Independence Square. One of their favorite date night spots to visit. -Independence Square

One year of marriage & a home full of laughs, comfort, and of course gaming. Grandview, MO

Reliving their 1st date, 15 years later. Lunch at Pizza Hut & Watching a movie at AMC Theater.
-Oak Grove & Independence, MO

One of their favorite locations to stop by when visiting family. Showing your personality and love for one another is what these photos are all about -Burr Oak, Blue Springs, MO

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Blue Springs, MO based photographer capturing thriving relationships, candid moments, and life adventures. I have a passion to serve, speak truth, and simply add some hope & joy into the world.

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